Denver International Airport - DIA

Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport is inviting Coloradans to submit photos of the state’s architecture for a new exhibition in Denver’s 2021 Month of Photography festival.

The exhibition will feature 35 photos of Colorado’s architecture in urban, rural and mountainous locations. The photos will be on display beginning in March in Concourse A, just beyond the bridge security checkpoint.

“Our goal is for the exhibit to capture Colorado residents’ different perspectives of what visually defines Colorado architecture including buildings, residences or creative dwellings,” DIA’s announcement said.

Colorado-based photographers of all skill levels are eligible to submit one photo for consideration. Photos submitted by non-Colorado residents will not be considered. 

Photos can be in color, black and white and of any process or technology. The photos should be representational but image manipulation is allowed. Work must be the original creation of the submitter.

The exhibition will be on display in Concourse A for at least six months and up to one year. Afterward, it may be moved to other temporary locations throughout the airport.

A virtual version of the exhibition will be available on DIA’s website and posted on social media.

Photo submissions are due by midnight on Feb. 1. Finalists will be notified by Feb. 19. Submissions should be no larger than 5MB in file size and emailed to