Historic trolley and light rail train Denver Colorado Photo Credit: milehightraveler (iStock).

Photo Credit: milehightraveler (iStock).

The oldest operating trolley in Denver will be opening to the public for its summer season later this week, according to an announcement from Denver Trolley officials. 

The Denver Trolley is an open-air "breezer" that follows scenic route along the South Platte Greenway. 

"Denver once had an extensive electric rail transit system that included over 250 miles of city tracks and 40 miles of high-speed interurbans connecting Denver with Golden and Boulder. Thousands of riders used the system for accessing downtown Denver and its venues for shopping, going to work and school, seeing friends, and for recreation," the Denver Trolley website says.

This year, the trolley will run from Saturday, May 28, through Sunday, August 14. Tickets cost $7 for any riders 13 or older. 

"Our Trolley operates from Confluence Park (REI), past the Downtown Aquarium, Children’s Museum of Denver, and Broncos Stadium at Mile High," officials said.

For more information, visit the Denver Trolley website here.  

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