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State & local measures

Voters decided on 11 statewide ballot questions on Election Night, five of which came from the General Assembly and six that got to the ballot through citizen initiative. Four of those six are backed by out-of-state corporate entities that spent millions of dollars to get them on the ballot and to pay for advertising campaigns. Indeed, the committees behind three alcohol-related ballot measures have collectively raised nearly $28 million.

Colorado voters are poised to decriminalize hallucinogenic compounds in magic mushrooms, the early and unofficial election returns on Wednesday afternoon show. The proposition so far has captured 51.4% of the vote as of Thursday. The early vote count stood at 1,037,130 for and 980,392 against.

State and federal races
2022 Elections

State Rep. Amy Parks, R-Loveland, will serve the last 43 days of the late Rep. Hugh McKean's term. McKean had died suddenly on Oct. 30.


As Colorado's 2022 general election returns began to post minutes after the polls closed on Nov. 8, none were more surprising than initial results showing Democrat Adam Frisch beating U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Republican incumbent in the largely rural, Republican-leaning 3rd Congressional District.


Democrat Adam Frisch formally conceded defeat to U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert Friday morning after an unofficial vote count showed the Republican incumbent has a narrow lead in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District.


Although a recount looked to be a certainty — delaying official results until mid-December — recounts in Colorado elections in recent decades have never swung the outcome as far as Frisch would need to prevail in the congressional race, making it equally likely that Boebert has won reelection to a second term.


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was pulled into a conversation about his future presidential prospects as he appeared on the HBO political talk show “Real Time with Bill Maher” last week.