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Denver was ranked in the top 10 of both most sinful cities and best cities for singles in the U.S. in two newly released annual WalletHub studies.

When measuring sinfulness, Denver placed eighth out of 180 analyzed cities, beat by Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, California and Saint Louis, Missouri in the top three, according to the study.

“Cities that provide more opportunity for sinfulness both draw people there and provide opportunities,” said Howard Markman, psychology professor at the University of Denver.

For Colorado, the opportunity for sinfulness appears to be connected to the city’s extensive bar scene.

To rank cities’ sinfulness, the study analyzed the prevalence of trends per capita, including violent crime, theft, excessive drinking, charitable donations and adult entertainment.

Though Denver didn’t place in the top five for any of the other categories, it landed third place for most excessive drinking in the country.

However, Denver’s bar scene also contributes to its high ranking among singles.

Denver earned an impressive third place in the country for best cities for singles, bested only by Madison, Wisconsin and Atlanta Georgia in that order, the study found.

When judging the best cities for singles, the study used 32 data sets, including percentage of the population that is single, number of online dating opportunities, average price of dates and average cost of single living.

“Some cities are better than others at promoting meetups or engagement in activities such as recreational sports or book clubs,” said Amy Brunell, psychology coordinator at Ohio State University. 

Along with a prevalence of nearby outdoor activities and an endless selection of restaurants and bars, Denver was also found to have the most equal gender balance between singles in the country.

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