For 2nd Time Sports, it has not been an easy path to success as a mom-and-pop business.

Husband-and-wife duo Anita and Chuck Adam manage their business together, which they started about 10 years ago in December 2012. It’s a sports store that sells lightly used and second-hand sports equipment, something they found a need for in children’s sports. Chuck Adam had a background in coaching both his own kids and others after the Adams both lost their jobs in manufacturing, so the transition to a sports store was a comfortable match for the family.

It’s expensive to put kids in sports now, Chuck Adam said, so they like being able to help support families in the community and watch kids grow through their sports.

“We learned our lessons hard and early, and learned how to loose money,” Chuck Adam said.

They were among nine businesses in Northglenn to be honored for their work in the community at the 10th Annual Northglenn Business Appreciation event on Oct. 27. Northglenn businesses were celebrated by the City of Northglenn Economic Development Department. The event, themed as “Redefine,” was at Northglenn Parsons Theatre and it recognized how local businesses have had to redefine themselves through the pandemic’s affects over the last two years.

While Northglenn is a small community, there is a lot of business accomplishments in the town according to Diana Wilson, director of communications for the city of Northglenn.

“The business community in Northglenn, we really care about them,” Wilson said. “We want to make sure that they are having a good experience in our city, so this is one way that the city shows how much we appreciate them, giving them a chance to network with each other and then honor quite a few people for what they’re bringing to our community and doing for our community.

Economic Development Director Debbie Tuttle said the last two years have been difficult for businesses in Northglenn. Looking into the next year, Tuttle said the biggest challenge for businesses in Northglenn, in Colorado and nationwide, will be the workforce shortage, as well as continued supply chain issues.

“[The] workforce shortage is huge, you can talk to any business and they will tell you that’s their number one issue,” Tuttle said. “In fact, we’ve done a business survey that shows that is the number one issue.”

To support Northglenn businesses through the shortage, Tuttle said the City of Northglenn Economic Development Department will be launching a job board website in January in addition to continuing to work closely with businesses in a hands-on approach.

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