Vail, Colorado, USA Drone Skyline Aerial Vail, Colorado. Photo Credit: Kruck20 (iStock).

Vail, Colorado. Photo Credit: Kruck20 (iStock).

In a new development related to Vail Resort's attempt to construct affordable housing on a 23.3-acre parcel in East Vail, the Town of Vail will offer the company $12 million for the plot of land, as voted on in a Tuesday evening town council meeting. This is more than 50 percent higher than an offer made by the town in March of last year.

Vail Resorts has long sought to develop the land after discovering they owned it in 2016, though they've gotten major pushback from the local government, mostly due to a bighorn sheep herd that frequents the property.

In the past, the town council has said "the [property] contains significant natural and wildlife resources, and provides critical habitat for a Colorado bighorn sheep herd."

Previously, the town council had voted to condemn the parcel, also suspending all permits for activity on the parcel until further notice. This came as Vail Resorts pursued plans to build.

While Vail Resorts was not willing to accept the previous offer made for the land, the verdict is out on whether or not the $12 million offer will be viewed in a more favorable light. Vail Resorts has previously said they would fight the condemnation of the land that blocks their ability to develop it.

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