Byron York: 'True dat' on media refusing to confess to false reporting on Steele dossier

Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent Byron York agreed Wednesday that media companies are refusing to acknowledge their false reporting about the Steele dossier and the Russian collusion narrative, adding that the "bigger story" is the misinformation that came from the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

York responded to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal from Dec. 5 titled "the Media Stonewalls on the Steele Dossier," which explores how the media are avoiding any confession of false reporting on allegations that then-candidate Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.


"True dat, unfortunately," York said on Fox News in reference to the hypothesis of the op-ed. "Because we've seen a lot of media companies that made a very big deal of it in 2017, 18, 19, really not come clean."

York continued to say that the more important part of the story is that formerly trusted U.S. intelligence agencies, which are not supposed to participate in politics, also provided misinformation related to the dossier's allegations.


"The media story is part of it, but the real story, the bigger story is the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the U.S. government," he explained. "For anybody who says the dossier was no big deal, remember that in January of 2017, the intelligence chiefs of the country, including the head of the CIA and the head of the FBI, briefed the sitting president, Barack Obama, and the incoming president, Donald Trump, on the dossier's findings"

"They thought it was a big deal, and amazingly enough, it leaked into public view just days after that," York added.

Many of the allegations in the Steele dossier have since been debunked or discredited upon further analysis of many of its sources and claims. Christopher Steele has been linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and other Russian operatives during the time he was supposed to be investigating the Trump campaign.

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