covid-19 test colorado

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced the expansion of its at-home COVID-19 testing program that will include restaurant workers. 

The Binax At-Home testing program was launched in February by the state for grade school teachers, school administrators, early childhood educators and other student-facing staff working with Pre-K to 12th grade students in Colorado.

It allows eligible participants to order free COVID-19 testing kits and test themselves while under the guidance from a Telehealth proctor. But now, those working in restaurants will have the same options.

"Restaurants' top priority has always been keeping guests safe and healthy. We are thrilled that this resource will be available to our industry as an additional means to that end," said Sonia Riggs, the president and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association.

Restaurant employees can enroll in the statewide program by completing an online Google Form that will verify their employer and email address.

Once approved, applicants will receive an email from CDPHE detailing instructions on how to order free testing kits which include six separate tests.

Once the kits are ordered, applicants will be required to set up a Telehealth appointment with a proctor who will show each person how to use the test. 

Those needing additional testing kit supplies will be able to do so 20 days after each order. 

"Food services employees continue to report to work every day and play a huge role in getting our economy back on track," said Scott Bookman, COVID-19 incident commander for CDPHE. "We are confident that these test will help keep our restaurants open and our food serves workers safe." 

Anyone inquiring more information regarding the statewide program is encouraged to visit