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Bob Enyart left, and son Dominic Enyart.

Bob Enyart, who proclaimed himself a "right-wing, religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk-show host," has died from COVID-19, according to a Facebook post Monday by his co-host on the talk show Real Science Radio.

Enyart, pastor of the Denver Bible Church, was a controversial figure known for mocking AIDS victims by name on his cable television show, leading marches outside Planned Parenthood doctor's homes and boycotting the COVID-19 vaccine. He died at age 62. 

But to his radio co-host, Fred Williams, "Bob Enyart was one of the smartest, and without question the wisest person I’ve known," Williams wrote on Facebook.

Enyart's and Williams' radio show focused on "science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God."

"Bob’s enduring legacy will live on with the treasure trove he leaves behind, including an amazing website which many have recognized as the best online resource of science confirming the Genesis record, his captivating Bible study MP3s, science DVDs, YouTube videos, etc.," Williams said in his post. 

The post drew dozens of comments from Facebook users offering condolences and an outpouring of support, including a comment from Enyart's son, Dominic Enyart.

Dominic told The Gazette that it was typical of his father to "drop everything and run to help somebody." 

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Dominic, who works as the Bob Enyart Live business officer manager, received an email from a listener of his father's show who said she was in an abusive relationship and called Bob Enyart. He fundraised for her and got her out of the relationship and she said later married another man, Dominic said.

"It's crazy that's not even something a lot of us know about," Enyart said. "He helped so many people, it's impossible to keep track."

But Enyart was not without critics. After he read obituaries of AIDS victims and mocked them on a television show in 1995, a libel case was filed against him. Enyart's speech was found protected under the First Amendment.

In 1994, Enyart was found guilty of child abuse and sentenced to 60 days in jail after he spanked his soon-to- be third wife's 7-year-old son with a belt for refusing to take a shower; he maintained that "spanked kids are happy kids, unspanked kids are miserable."

Enyart was found guilty in 2009 of trespassing at Focus on the Family's campus during a protest over founder James Dobson's endorsement of GOP presidential nominee John McCain. Enyart, a one-time director of Colorado Right to Life, did not believe McCain held a strong enough anti-abortion stance, The Gazette previously reported.

During Enyart's early life, he developed software for the Army’s Apache AH-64 attack helicopter and worked at Microsoft as a computer analyst, according to his biography on the Bob Enyart Live website.

Enyart and his wife refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine because of concerns that the products were tested on cells of aborted babies, his show's website said.

"We urge everyone to boycott Pfizer, Moderna and the Johnson [vaccines] to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers," the website said.

Cheryl was hospitalized with COVID-19 for more than a week, Gazette news partner 9NEWS reported. Dominic Enyart said his mother has since been released from the hospital.