Police tape


An Adams County judge on Wednesday sentenced a man to life in prison without the possibility of parole for fatally shooting another man outside of an Aurora nightclub in December 2019.

A jury last week convicted Alexander Albayero, 46, of first-degree murder, said Brian Mason, the district attorney for Adams and Broomfield counties.

Prosecutors said Albayero shot and killed Juan Manuel Galindo Argumedo after Galindo Argumedo asked Albayero's wife to dance at the Las Adelitas nightclub.

Galindo Argumedo was drunk, and security guards removed him from the nightclub. Prosecutors said Albayero followed Galindo Argumedo to the parking lot, where he shot him in the torso. Galindo Argumedo later died at a hospital.

“This was a senseless crime, fueled by anger over a petty slight,” Mason said in a statement. “A family has lost their loved one forever — and the defendant will now spend the rest of his life in prison. This was an avoidable tragedy, and the defendant is to blame.”

Albayero also is charged with first-degree murder in Arapahoe County in connection with a January 2020 shooting. The trial in that case is scheduled for June. 

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