Flashing lights on top of police patrol car

The roof of a police patrol car at night, with the blue and red lights flashing.

Whitney Lulloff, the 16-year-old who seemingly vanished after flying home from Phoenix, was found safe Tuesday, the Denver Police Department announced.

Police said Lulloff was with a “known acquaintance” outside of the Denver metro area and that there was no threat to her safety. Neither kidnapping nor human trafficking were involved.

Lulloff was reported missing over a week ago on Jan. 4 when she didn’t meet her stepfather at Denver International Airport after her flight home from visiting her dad in Arizona.

Lulloff’s dad said she didn’t even text him when she landed like she always does after visits.

Police said they are currently working to reunite Lulloff with her family.

DPD has closed the investigation and will not be providing any additional information.