The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a local church was vandalized early Wednesday morning over its anti-abortion display.

The Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder set up thousands of crosses on its front lawn last weekend as its annual recognition of Respect Life Month, with the crosses meant to represent abortions performed daily.

On Wednesday morning, church officials found many of the crosses ripped out of the ground and graffiti spray painted on the church’s building, statues, signs and vehicles. 

Mark Evevard, the youth director for the church, posted photos of the vandalism on Facebook. The graffiti included the phrases “my body my choice,” “no wire hangers ever” and “hands off my uterus.”

In addition to the graffiti, a church’s maintenance truck had its tires slashed, stain glass windows of the building were smashed and eggs were thrown against the building, Evevard said. 

“Please put the perpetrators on the top of your prayer list and pray for their conversion,” Evevard wrote on Facebook.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the church’s report Wednesday and said it is investigating the case. No arrests have been made but the sheriff’s office said they believe several people were involved in the vandalism.

Possible charges against the perpetrators could include criminal mischief, trespassing, bias-motivated crime and defacing property.