Woodard mugshot

Randal Woodard.

A Loveland man who owns a landscaping business was arrested Monday on suspicion of stealing a client's underwear, according to a news release from Fort Collins police. 

Randal Woodard, 55, is the owner of Woodard Quality Landscaping, and is facing accusation of second-degree burglary for an incident June 8 while he was working on a sprinkler system. 

According to police, Woodard entered the home of his client while she was gone and stole underwear from her bedroom, something the client said she discovered through her home security system.

Woodard was booked into the Larimer County jail. 

Due to Woodard's access to homes through his business, police are "concerned that other victims may exist."

Anyone with information about this suspect or other incidents may contact the Fort Collins Police Tips Line at 970-416-2825 or tipsline@fcgov.com

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