"It truly takes a village," the Aurora Police Department (ADP) said in a tweet, after several community members helped officers capture a man that is suspected of stealing at least 100 bicycles in the Aurora area. 

The department had reportedly been investigating a series of bike thefts in the area over the last few months, but were unable to identify the person responsible.

However, community members sprung in to action last week when they saw 27-year-old Alec Jackson allegedly trying to steal a bike at the Stanley Marketplace.   

"Last Thursday, the suspect tried to victimize again, but wasn't expecting was the quick response of our community. Thanks to our community members who courageously & safely held the suspect, Alec Jackson, until our officers could arrive," police said. 

Jackson was arrested at the scene for an outstanding warrant, and was charged with larceny.

"Ever since last week, more people have since reported their bikes being stolen but it is also believed that Alec is responsible for over 100 thefts around that area," police said. 

If you had your bike stolen from the Aurora area, and have not yet reported it stolen, contact PAR Officer Knox at bknox@auroragov.org.

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