Denver's District 9, which includes the Central Business District, Union Station and Five Points, holds by far the worst crime rate in the city, according to a report from the Common Sense Institute.

The district's 15,987 crime incidents last year are 91% higher than the second worst district and also more than double the level in the other eight districts.

Only 9.09% of Denver's population live in the district — which also encompasses City Park, City Park West, Clayton, Cole, Elyria Swansea, Whittier, Auraria, Globeville, Northeast Park Hill, and Skyland — and yet it has 20.4% of all crime incidents in 2022, the Common Sense Report notes.   

Below is a chart showing crime rate by district.

Crime rates in Denver by council district

Crime rates in Denver by council district. (Table from Common Sense Institute)


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