A great horned owl mother and her owlets were rescued in Broomfield last week after the mother was injured, the Broomfield Police Department said.

Police said a resident reported the injured owl to animal service officers after the nocturnal owl was seen walking on the ground in broad daylight near Reserve Place and Broadlands Drive.

After the officers brought the owl in, a neighbor informed them the animal had multiple owlets in a nest nearby.

Fearing the owlets wouldn’t be able to feed themselves or survive the upcoming cold weather, officers found the nest, confirmed the owlets were too young to survive alone and reunited them with their mother.

The owl and owlets are being cared for by the Birds of Prey Foundation, a rehabilitation organization in Broomfield for injured, ill and orphaned birds of prey.

Officials said the mother owl is recovering well and the family will be released back into the wild when she is fully healed.

It is unclear how the mother owl was injured.

Great horned owls are very common in Colorado, living anywhere where rocky nesting sites are available and even venturing into urban areas.