Michael Clark

Michael Clark, 75, who was tased by an Idaho Springs police officer inside of his own apartment on May 30, 2021. 

Body camera footage shows an Idaho Springs police officer tasing an elderly man without giving a warning when responding to a neighbor's call about a disturbance.

In the video from May 30, Officers Ellie Summers and Nicholas Hanning respond to a complaint from someone in an apartment complex about a disturbance. After talking with her, Hanning knocked on 75-year-old Michael Clark's door twice. He answered the door and shouted, "What do you want?"

Footage shows Hanning and Summers shouting at Clark to put down an unidentified object and Hanning using an expletive. Clark puts the object on a shelf.

It's difficult to tell what the object is in the footage of Clark holding it, but later footage shows a close-up of a long object with pointed teeth down the sides.

Hanning and Summers then begin issuing commands to Clark to get back, to get on the ground, and to step out of the apartment. Clark answers "No."

The footage shows Summers with a handgun drawn, and Hanning deploying his taser right after Clark can be heard saying, "They hit that wall so hard, I thought they were going to come through the wall" in reference to noise made by his neighbors.

He hits his head on a chair as he falls and loses consciousness.

Though Clark is obscured by Hanning's arm as he speaks, shortly before, the footage shows him standing facing the officers with his arms at his sides.

Hanning then tells Summers to put her gun away. The two officers carry Clark out of the apartment by his arms and legs and handcuff him.

According to Clark's attorney, Sarah Schielke, Clark has suffered a stroke and heart complications since the incident and remains in an around-the-clock nursing care facility.

A judge ruled last week prosecutors must release officers' body-worn camera footage of the incident by July 29. Schielke provided the footage Thursday with faces of everyone except Clark and the officers blurred, saying prosecutors have not acted quickly enough.

"That information monopoly ends today," Schielke said in a news release.

In a statement, Clark said he requested the release of the footage, calling himself a patriot who loves his country, but that the footage depicts "a police department at its worst."

"There are a number of good people out there, of good police officers. These are not them."

The Idaho Springs Police Department fired Hanning last week. Hanning faces a charge of third-degree assault.