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The 20th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Boulder County has developed a program to dismiss cases against residents over issues regarding driver’s licenses and car insurance.

The Driver’s License Diversion Program allows drivers to have their cases dismissed if they accept responsibility and provide proof of a valid license, insurance policy and registration.

“It is our goal to ensure the safety of all drivers on the road and we believe this is best accomplished by quickly compelling everyone to obtain a valid license and insurance,” said Deputy District Attorney Christine Rinke.

Rinke said the financial hurdles of court cases often prevent drivers from addressing offenses, leading them to drive illegally with invalidated licenses.

“It is our goal to increase community safety without contributing to the cycle of these financial burdens,” Rinke said.

The program will apply to cases within Boulder and Longmont.

Only drivers with low-level charges will be able to get their cases dismissed. The driver must have been eligible for their license at the time of or within 30 days of the offense. Cases involving accidents or crashes are not eligible.

“(This program) will ensure the right outcome in these cases, but with far less time and financial burden for the individuals involved,” said District Attorney Michael Dougherty. “Traffic safety is a priority for this office.”

Eligible cases will be identified by the DA’s Office which will then contact individuals to enroll them in the program.