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Powerball players will soon have an extra opportunity to win with three drawings per week starting this month, Colorado Lottery officials announced.

Beginning on Aug. 23, Powerball will hold drawings every Monday night, in addition to the usual Wednesday and Saturday drawings.

“Jackpot games are adapting to keep players excited and motivated to play,” said Tom Seaver with Colorado Lottery. “Players are most interested in playing when there are large jackpots and cash prizes, and we are excited to give our loyal Colorado players what they want.”

With this change, Powerball will also launch Double Play, where players can play their Powerball numbers in an additional drawing with a top prize of $10 million for $1 extra, Seaver said.

Adding a third drawing will not change the Powerball game odds, Seaver said. Officials expect the change will result in larger and faster-growing jackpots.

The first Monday drawing will be held on Aug. 23 at 8:59 p.m.

The Double Play drawing will be held after every Powerball drawing on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Players can watch the drawings live online at