Joe Jackson CO GOP

Joe Jackson, the Colorado Republican Party's executive director and communications director 

The Colorado Republican Party has a new executive director, recently elected state chairman Kristi Burton Brown announced Friday.

Joe Jackson, the state GOP's communications director for the last year, takes on the top job and will continue handling communications for the time being, during the off year, he said.

Jackson, 25, a Colorado native and Windsor resident, is a graduate of the University of Wyoming.

He previously worked as communications director for the Republican National Committee in South Carolina while also handling spokesman duties for the state party. He's also worked for the RNC in Florida and Washington, D.C., and was Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney's press secretary in 2018.

Jackson takes over for Lx Fangonilo, who served as the state party's executive director for close to two years under previous chairman U.S. Rep. Ken Buck.

"Joe brings a wealth of operational and communications experience to our state party, as well as an integral understanding of Colorado politics," Burton Brown said in a statement.

"He will play a critical role in our strategy to attract more voters to our Republican candidates, hold Jared Polis, Michael Bennet, and all Democrats accountable for the pain they’re causing to Colorado families, and ensure that Coloradans in all 64 counties have leaders willing to fight for their jobs, their kids, and their opportunity to pursue the American dream."

Colorado Republicans are looking to the 2022 midterms to reverse a slide in recent cycles that has left the party with less power at the state and congressional level than it's held since the 1930s.

Brielle Mueller will continue as the state GOP's finance director, a position she's held for the last two years, Burton Brown said.

Added Burton Brown: "As Chairwoman, I promised to focus on local elections, build up our county parties, and ensure that our Party has a positive and forward thinking message along with service-oriented leadership. Joe and Brielle are committed to this same strategy, and that’s why I’m glad to announce they will be a part of the team fighting to help Coloradans take back our state."

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