As the Colorado Avalanche make a run to win the Stanley Cup – the city and county of Denver want to make sure bars and restaurants have the room to expand their service to fans who want to watch the game.

The City and County of Denver will waive the typical 30-day requirement for bars and restaurants to apply for a modification of premises permit to expand their serving area for alcohol if they are hosting a Colorado Avalanche watch party.

"This was determined [June 8] after consideration that bars and restaurants did not have time to apply for this permit because they did not know the Avalanche would advance to the Stanley Cup Final 30 days ago," said Eric Escudero with Denver's excise and licenses department.  

Usually, a business has to ask for permission to change their space after a liquor or beer license is granted at least 30 days before the date they want to temporarily expand their service area. 

The city will temporarily ditch the 30-day rule for businesses that want to host Avalanche watch parties or events.

The city said they can't guarantee that all applicants will be approved for the expansion permits. 


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