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Mark Redwine listens as a witness testifies during his trial on Tuesday, June 22 in Durango at the La Plata County Courthouse. Redwine is on trial for second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death of his son Dylan Redwine.

A forensic pathologist testified on Wednesday that Dylan Redwine died by homicide, even though he could not say exactly how, or if, Dylan's injuries led to his death or the details of how they were inflicted.

Dr. Robert Kurtzman told jurors during the murder trial of Mark Redwine that Dylan's death was caused by an attack by another person. Dylan's skull had evidence of blunt force trauma and knife wounds inflicted around the time that he died, Kurtzman said. 

His expert testimony further bolstered the La Plata County District Attorney's case after Dr. Diane France said last week that Dylan's skull had evidence of blunt force trauma and injuries caused by a sharp object. Kurtzman furthered the expert testimony of France by concluding that the manner of Dylan's death was homicide. 

Kurtzman said that given the limitations of the evidence provided in the trial, it would be "ludicrous" for him to say what caused Dylan's death, although the boy did seem to be in good health before he died. 

Prosecutors have been working to establish that Dylan was not killed by an animal or other means, and that he was instead killed by his father, Mark. 

On Wednesday, Kurtzman, who studied Dylan's remains and other evidence -- including cellphone records, and blood found in Mark Redwine's home -- said Dylan's skull had two fractures that likely occurred near the time when the 13-year-old died. Those fractures "can be associated with blunt force injury,” he said. 

Two other markings on the child's skull have distinct characteristics of a knife wound inflicted around the time Dylan died, Kurtzman said. 

"I'm very confident that those are cut marks," he said. 

Mark Redwine's defense lawyers continued to emphasize Wednesday that Dylan's body was scavenged by animals after he died, and that another abnormality was inadvertently caused by investigators when Dylan's skull was discovered. But Kurtzman, like Dr. France, testified that two particular markings on the skull were not caused by animal teeth, and instead may have been caused by a knife inserted around the time that Dylan died. 

Dylan Redwine of Monument disappeared in November 2012 while visiting his father near Durango at a time of discord between Mark Redwine and his ex-wife, who lives in Monument.

This is the third week in a trial is expected to last four to five weeks in total. Mark Redwine faces the potential of up to 48 years in prison if convicted of second-degree murder, the top charge against him. He is also charged with child abuse resulting in death. He has pleaded not guilty to both counts.

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