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6. Glenwood Springs

Head to the Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge from downtown Glenwood Springs to catch a sunset over the Colorado River.

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The Colorado Department of Transportation announced Friday its Revitalizing Main Streets program awarded over $200,000 to five cities and towns across the state.

Each of the recipients must use the grant to improve their roadways, build infrastructure that supports a strong economic activity or public safety, according to the release. 

Last week, the agency announced that the City of Golden and Town of San Luis were also awarded funds through the program.

"We're looking forward to seeing the projects come to life during this summer construction season," said agency executive director Shoshana Lew. "The long-term benefits this program brings to community main streets are numerous."

To date, the program has awarded one $22 million dollars to cities and towns across the state since launching last summer, according to the release.

This weeks recipients are:

  • Mead was awarded $149,999 for their "Know Your Roads' project that will design, fabricate and install destination signs, an electronic kiosk, pedestrian and bicycle signs and trail navigation/maps throughout the town.
  • Silver Cliff was awarded $149,999 to replace sidewalks in from of it's museum and improve American with Disabilities Act access and drainage along their main street. The funds will also help construct a pavilion that will have numerous amenities.
  • Fountain was awarded $99,999 to improve the intersection of North Main Street and Ohio Avenue. The funds will also help improve sidewalks, and add bike racks and pedestrian ramps along Main Street.
  • Glenwood Springs was awarded $149,999 for their Devereux Pedestrian Passage Project that will construct a pedestrian bridge along Devereux Road, connecting to a bus stop. 
  • The Town of La Junta was awarded $65,662.50 for the town's bike sharing program that will install 30 racks and deploy 26 bikes. 

"Improving pedestrian safety is so important, especially in areas like this where there is high usage, but no existing facilities connection to major destinations," Glenwood Springs Mayor Jonathan Godes said in a statement.