Empower Field at Mile High

Empty seats before the start of the Denver Broncos football game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colo., on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021. (Chancey Bush/ The Gazette)

The Denver Broncos will kick off for the first time this season in Denver on Sunday, and the Regional Transportation District has several options to get fans to Empower Field at Mile High. 

While the BroncosRide bus service is still suspended, there are several other options being offered by the transportation agency, including the light rail and local bus options. 

Extra train cars will be in service on the light rail's E and W Lines, which directly serve Empower Field at Mile High. 

Similarly, several bus routes will serve as a direct transfer to the light rail to get to the stadium including, Flatiron Flyer and Routes 0, 9, 10, 15 20 and 32. Routes 30 and Route 31 will operate near the stadium, officials said. 

Other bus routes like the 1, 15L, 16 and 31 will bring riders tp the Decatur/Federal Station, which is a 10 minute walk to the stadium, officials said. 

As with all game day Sundays, the Aurora West Station will be closed.

The transportation agency provided several tips for fans headed to Sunday's home-opener:

  • Plan ahead and prepare for large crowds.
  • Choose a Day Pass Fare when purchasing tickets at the ticket vending machines to avoid long lines after the game.
  • Download the RTD Mobile Ticket app for easy, convent fare purchases and storage; RTD fares can also be purchased on the Uber, Lyft and Transit apps.
  • Check the RTD website before you travel for schedules and to plan your trip.

Additionally, the transportation agency reminded riders that masks are required on all of RTD's services due to the federal mask mandate for public transportation.

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