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Fireworks light up a dark sky. 

Baby New Year will be able to sleep a little easier as Denver residents ring in 2021.

The Downtown Denver Partnership says there will be no fireworks this year for New Year's Eve, officials said Wednesday.

"We regret to inform (you) that our annual New Year’s Eve Fireworks won’t take place this year," Britt Diehl, the manager, executive office and special projects for DDP, said in an email statement.

Diehl said the DDP had to look at each of the winter and holiday traditions from a different perspective this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Although Diehl, like many Denver residents, is bummed about the decision, she says there is a lot to be excited about as the DDP will be announcing its plans for holiday and winter attractions downtown next week.

"We are looking forward to announcing an array of winter festivities that put a new spin on old traditions, introduce new, socially-safe ways to celebrate the holiday season, and enliven downtown with magical things to do and see at every turn November through January," Diehl said.

Despite there being no fireworks on New Year's Eve in downtown Denver this year, Diehl said winter and holiday festivities will pay homage to long-standing traditions.

The future announcements "will pay homage to the downtown traditions we all know and love -- like the fireworks -- while providing people ways to celebrate the season in a safe and socially-distant manner," she said.