Fort Carson Perspective (copy)

Fort Carson's main gate.

More than 220 Fort Carson soldiers are headed to Los Angeles to help support the Federal Emergency Management Agency in its COVID-19 vaccination efforts there.

The 4th Infantry Division soldiers — mostly registered nurses, vaccinators and other medical professionals — will help run FEMA’s vaccination center at California State University’s Los Angeles campus, according to a Wednesday news release from the military installation. 

The COVID-19 response contingent will be comprised of five teams that will operate under the direction of U.S. Army North, a joint land-based arm of U.S. Northern Command.

"Getting shots — vaccinations — in people's arms is the mission," said Lt. Gen. Laura J. Richardson, Army North commander. "And this team, here on behalf of the governor and state, has the ability to get thousands more people vaccinated every day."

Army North’s joint taskforce, which is made up of Army, Navy and Air Force medical personnel, will also provide support to 14 hospitals in California, Texas, Arizona and the Navajo nation, officials said.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin approved a military COVID-19 response team on Feb. 4.