Nude urban gardening Photo Credit: krblokhin (iStock).

Photo Credit: krblokhin (iStock).

Is gardening in the buff amid an urban landscape your thing? Colorado might not be the best place to partake in this activity, but it's not the worst.

A recent data analysis conducted by, and dedicated to May 7 being 'World Naked Gardening Day,' sought to determine which major American cities are the best places for 'naked urban gardening.' The publication compared the country's 100 most populated spots, looking at 10 metrics spanning four categories that included 'nude-gardener friendliness,' 'local interest' in the activity, 'local weather,' and 'safety.' Data points touched on a wide range of nude gardening-related factors, including the legality of the activity, wind speeds, and number of sex offenders per capita.

Here's how a few Colorado's cities stack up:

The highest ranking city in Colorado was Denver, which ranked 21st of the 100 most populated cities nationwide. While Denver was deemed to be relatively nude-gardener friendly (ranking 19th in this category) and the local interest was high (14th in this category), a low rank of 72nd when it came to weather and a rank of 62nd in terms of safety brought down the Mile High City's overall placing.

While Denver nearly broke into the top 20, the other two places in Colorado that were large enough to be included on the list – Colorado Springs and Aurora – didn't do so hot.

Colorado Springs ranked 72nd overall, brought down by low categorical rankings across the board. It is worth noting that while the city ranked in the 70s or worse in three categories, Colorado Springs ranked a middle-of-the-road 44th in terms of weather.

Aurora also ranked poorly in three categories, landing their overall rank in 74th place. While categories of nude gardener-friendliness, weather, and safety ranked poorly compared to other major cities around the country, Aurora showed some of the highest interest in 'World Naked Gardening Day,' ranking 14th nationwide when it came to Google searches for "nudist" or "World Naked Gardening Day" over the last 12 months.

The top city for naked gardening was deemed to be Austin, Texas, while the worst place was determined to be Arlington, Virginia.

Participate in World Naked Gardening Day on May 7 at your own risk, as this may or may not be legal in your place of residence. If you do partake, don't skimp on the sunscreen.

See the full results and methodology of this data analysis here.

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