puma (Panthera onca) in the dark Photo Credit: anankkml (iStock).

Photo Credit: anankkml (iStock).

According to a January 20 statement from the Englewood Police Department, a mountain lion was reportedly spotted in the area of South Tejon Street and West Wesley Avenue. This is near multiple businesses and homes, less than a mile southwest of Ruby Hill Park.

Map: ©2023 Google Maps.

Map: ©2023 Google Maps.

Despite the urban nature of this area, it's not uncommon for mountain lions to travel along open spaces and creek beds during their search for prey and while moving from one rugged area to another one.

A general rule of thumb is that if prey animals are present, it's likely that predators are, too. Keep in mind that 'prey animals' can include house pets.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it's important to be aware that predators may be lurking, regardless of where you're at. Supervise children and pets when they're outdoors and keep animals leashed and under control when in public spaces. Because roaming pets are easy prey, they have a tendency to attract mountain lions.

Outdoor deterrents, such as automatic lights, can be helpful in keeping predators at bay.

Report urban sightings of mountain lions to your local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office. Attacks on humans by mountain lions are rare, but can happen. Never run from a mountain lion and if attacked, fight back.

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