QAnon supporters speculate Rolling Stones's Keith Richards is JFK after Dallas disappointment

Though the dead Kennedys didn't make an appearance in Dallas on Tuesday, that didn't deter a faction of QAnon supporters expecting the return of the political dynasty, who now have a new target for their affection, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

When the Kennedys failed to appear during the Tuesday gathering, some started to posit that the reveal might still happen at a Rolling Stones concert coincidentally happening in the city that evening. When this also didn't happen, QAnon accounts on Telegram and Twitter started to speculate that Richards was actually the 35th president, and if 1993 movie Wayne's World 2 taught the world anything, it's that "Keith Richards cannot be killed by conventional weapons."


Two propagators of the theory, Mike Penny and M.L., said in a YouTube video that they were undeterred and trusting in God's timing.

"It's a huge act of faith to continue to follow and go see what God is going to do," Penny said. "We have to follow through on what he has brought us together to do."

Two of the Telegram accounts that were centers of this iteration of the QAnon conspiracy, Negative48 and Whiplash347, were also filled with people pledging to keep up the faith, as viewed by the Washington Examiner. They use a form of numerology to decipher "codes" to determine when events such as the return of the Kennedys are supposed to happen and are in the midst of looking for another likely date.

QAnon supporters gathered by the hundreds in downtown Dallas in Dealey Plaza, where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, expecting to see the emergence of the former president as well as his son, John F. Kennedy Jr., who died in a plane crash in 1999, from witness protection. The theory posited that Kennedy Sr., upon resuming his role as president, would institute Donald Trump as the rightful president, with Kennedy Jr. as his vice president. The whole thing would be ordained by God because the Kennedy family is the bloodline of Jesus Christ, QAnon supporters contend.


The QAnon movement has a habit of failed predictions. An event called "the storm" that was supposed to be a day when Trump revealed and prosecuted the members of a Satanic pedophile cabal of powerful people also never materialized, despite numerous predictions.

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