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A model of Sierra Space's first-free flying commercial space station in low-earth orbit that will be suitable for pharmaceuticals, space tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, biopharma research, on-orbit satellite servicing assembly and microgravity research, according to Sierra Space. (Chancey Bush/ The Gazette)

Another week, another deal for Louisville-based Sierra Space.

This time the company pushing to make space commerce as common as Wall Street announced a partnership with Space Tango, a Kentucky-based microgravity and automated systems firm.

The companies want to “make manufacturing more accessible and available in space, opening up new market opportunities in low-Earth orbit,” according to a release.

Last week, Sierra finalized a deal with Japan's Kanematsu Corp.in an effort to open up its space programs to a more global market. Like with Space Tango, they’re targeting low Earth orbit.

“Manufacturing, biotech and the advanced work that Space Tango does is exactly what the Sierra Space Station was made to do – to help humanity and industries that benefit from microgravity,” Tom Vice, CEO of Sierra Space, said in a statement. “We see this partnership as another step in bringing together different pieces of the new space economy and ecosystem to fulfill our vision of a new era for commercial space.”

The company recently broke off from Sierra Nevada Corp. to become its own entity. It has about 1,200 employees, including 700 in Colorado. The company is looking to hire more than 170 more in Colorado.

Sierra and Space Tango envision a space economy that includes technology, materials and biomedical industries. Through the memorandum of understanding, the companies pledged to improve the medical field on the ground with “scientific and technical breakthroughs” in space.

“With a shared mission of microgravity as a platform for research and manufacturing and leverage our companies’ respective strengths, Space Tango and Sierra Space tap LEO for a new wave of commercial opportunities in the growing space economy,” Twyman Clements, CEO and co-founder of Space Tango, said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Tom and the team at Sierra Space as we grow our businesses together and make transformational advancements in scientific research.”