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Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): Broncos vs. Case Keenum's Cleveland Browns

Tough week for Browns fantasy owners, Paul Klee writes. Great luck for Broncos defenders, who can spring an upset Thursday night. Read more

Exclusive: Barry Morphew attorneys to sue case investigators for false arrest, defamation

Legal papers sent this week allege prosecutors purposefully kept the identity of a sex offender tied to evidence in a Chaffee County killin… Read more


13 hospitals in Denver metro, surrounding area diverted patients in one day

Thirteen hospitals in the Denver metro area and surrounding counties were all diverting emergency patients at one time Monday afternoon, of… Read more


Colorado poll shows COVID-19's economic toll on Latinos

The poll released Tuesday indicates Latinos on the Western Slope had higher incidences of food insecurity compared to the rest of the state at 40%, as well as 64% of those west of the Continental Divide who had difficulty paying their rent or mortgage. Read more


The scariest place to be this season? Denver International Airport | Vince Bzdek

Denver International Airport CEO Phil Washington is off to a rough start. Read more