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A Black Lives Matter rally in Denver

Isn’t it strange that none of us talk about Black Live Matter anymore? It felt like our lives were completely dominated by the subject in 2020.

Back then, The New York Times told us that “Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History.” According to Wikipedia — There were upward of 26 million protest participants.

That part is true. But everything else in the Black Lives Matter narrative begins to fall apart from there.

As reported by Time Magazine in September of 2020 — The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) analyzed more than 7,750 Black Lives Matter protests in between May 26 and August 22.

In this story, we were told that fewer than 220 protests reported “violent demonstrations among the protests. The “report” created a riot focused definition of “violence.” Then we’re told, 2,400 protests reported being peaceful.

For some reason we are told to ignore the widespread physical attacks on individuals and property at thousands of other protests. Like that isn’t violent. Then adding insult to injury the “mainstream” political/media elite stealthily refused to tell us about the Marxist agenda of the Black Lives Matter leaders.

Marxism attempts to disrupt traditions and institutions that lend themselves to certain groups having more power or money than other groups. What Marxists describe as inequity most of us would simply describe as differences.

Marxism suggests that we must redistribute power, wealth, and status to make our society fairer. Which is fine. Americans have the right to subscribe to whatever ideology that they want.

But why lie about it? Back in 2015, Patrice Cullors describes BLM leaders saying, “We are trained Marxists.” In a video. No disputing that.

The next Black lives Matter Marxist tie was more disturbing. Under fire, Black Lives Matter scrubbed a page on its website demanding the disruption (of the requirement) of the “Western-prescribed nuclear family. A position clearly articulated in Marxism.

Marxism co-founder Friedrich Engels wrote in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, “… the modern family contains in germ not only slavery (servitus), but also serfdom, since from the beginning it is related to agricultural services, it contains in miniature all the contradictions which later extend throughout society and its state.”

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As if this level of deception wasn’t enough, startling financial revelations began rocking the organization. In 2021, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Cullors, left the organization after funneling millions into real estate holdings in her name.

Under her tenure, Cullors also authorized a six-figure payout to be given to her child’s father for assorted reasons, made her brother BLM’s highest paid employee (for security?) and paid $1.8 million to companies owned by her relatives.

This is not very equitable to other Black families in America. Do the rest of our Black Financial Lives Matter?

Meanwhile, the 26 Local Black Lives Matter chapters across the country took legal action against their lead organization accusing them of financial impropriety while raising over $90 million. They are suing for unpaid wages.

Aren’t Marxists supposed to distribute money fairly? Especially, to working class Black people? Or their own employees?

Even the families of the cause’s visible symbols — Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have filed lawsuits. They are demanding that they be compensated for the cause being perpetrated in their loved one’s names. The family of Breonna Taylor hasn’t sued yet but has meted out some harsh criticism for BLM. The Taylor family was denied by the leaders, the funds to buy a van to use for speaking engagements.

This Black Lives Matter “movement” needs to move away. From us.

The truth is, that no person of good conscience can object to the idea that “Black lives matter” as much as other lives. It’s common sense.

Most agree that race cannot be a reason to kill anyone with impunity. But it is time to face that the original moral concern of Black Lives Matter has been exploited by greedy, oppressive leaders who are clearly dishonest.

Everything Marxism presents itself as against. Consequently, the scandals are overshadowing any progress of the movement. At this rate, in a few years there will little left besides the catchy slogan.

Rachel Stovall is an event manager, entertainer and community advocate in Colorado Springs.

Rachel Stovall is an event manager, entertainer and community advocate in Colorado Springs.