According to the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners, all is well at human services. Nothing to see here (“System didn’t fail at Arapahoe Human Services,” Gazette Opinion, Sept. 15).

Never mind that one of their own employees, Robin Niceta, allegedly called in a false complaint against Aurora City Council member and single mother Danielle Jurinsky, claiming she sexually abused her own son.

Never mind that Niceta allegedly tried to have the case assigned to her so she could finish what she started. Never mind that since the story became public, scores of single moms have come forward with similar horror stories.

You see, as the commission has proclaimed, “the system of checks and balances worked as intended.”

Yes! Their careful planning has ensured that ridiculous, anonymous complaints will all be investigated to the fullest extent of the law (and beyond). Why screen out a bogus complaint when instead they can use their power to intimidate, humiliate and separate children from their families? Where would the fun be in that?

I guess, as in Jurinsky’s case, these checks and balances don’t start with balancing the rights of parents with anonymous complainants that get the address wrong, the child’s age wrong and describe something not even possible on a 2-year-old.

These checks and balances also don’t check for county employees who try to snag cases against known political enemies.

Nope, gotta keep checking. Let’s check the house, the day care, the pediatrician, the extended family and the co-workers. Most people would call this harassment and defamation, but at the county they call it “checks and balances.”

But don’t worry, they told us — this is a one-time thing.

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They still trust that no other family was impacted. Every alleged act of this caseworker was honorable — until this one.

The commission would like you to believe it’s ridiculous to think there might be a trail of victims in the wake of the criminal suspect, Niceta, or that maybe she worked her way up to thinking she was untouchable. Obviously, we should blindly trust that nobody else could have known about this or behaved in a similar way.

And in case all of that isn’t enough to assure you that everything is bliss, they are also super sorry this happened because nobody should have to suffer false complaints.

They are so sorry, they only charged Jurinsky $1,500 to review public records of her own case.

Nothing says I’m sorry like a bill for $1,500.

If they think the system worked like it should, they all need to do some serious self-reflection. I don’t know whether to celebrate their transparency in openly admitting they engage in routine unconstitutional investigations or be horrified that the county I live in thinks this is top-notch work.

Looking for a bright spot, it’s nice in these political times the commission could all come together on an issue. Too bad it had to be over protecting employees over families.

Suzanne Taheri is an attorney in Colorado. She represented Aurora City Council member Danielle Jurinsky in the initial child services investigation Suzanne was the Colorado Deputy Secretary of State for seven years.

Suzanne Taheri is an attorney in Colorado. She represented Aurora City Council member Danielle Jurinsky in the initial child services investigation.