File - In this March 1, 1934, photo, Margaret Sanger, who founded the American Birth Control League in 1921, speaks before a Senate committee to advocate for federal birth-control legislation in Washington. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is removing Sanger’s name from a Manhattan clinic because of the birth-control pioneer’s ties to the eugenics movement, the organization announced last month.

Politicos play the race card with reckless abandon. As such, the words “racist” and “racism” are losing punch. These words are the crudest and most misused cudgels in English. Congressional Democrats are throwing them smack in the middle of the abortion conflict, which they do at the peril of their cause.

Bestselling author and Front Range resident David Horowitz reminds us in today’s perspective section how the United States outlawed “institutional racism” with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If institutions exercise or promote racism, we have legal recourse.

The Gazette’s editorial board routinely identifies vestiges of institutionalized racism. We talk about Colorado’s Ku Klux Klan-inspired Blaine Amendment and how it deprives minority children of receiving the educational options available to white children in high-income households.

We talk about the swiftly growing movement to promote racism with coursework that calls white children oppressors and nonwhite children victims. Among the remnants of institutionalized racism, one institution outperforms them all: the on-demand abortion practice.

This is not to rehash old abortion debates about the merits or pitfalls of Roe v. Wade and abortion rights in general. Let’s face it, more than 90% of adults long ago took sides on this issue and will not be swayed no matter what.

Whether one agrees with a person’s right to an abortion, most reasonable people believe abortions should be regulated for safety. We don’t want fake doctors performing abortions and risking the lives of persons experiencing pregnancy.

We also don’t want abortion providers to target demographics. People experiencing pregnancy in some cultures (see: China) blatantly use abortion to eliminate unborn girl babies so they can try for boys. The Boulder abortion clinic is a go-to institution for those who are told an unborn child has Down syndrome.

The largest abortion provider in the United States, Planned Parenthood, began as The Negro Project. It was an effort by eugenicist Margaret Sanger to reduce the Black population. She was a racist who pitched her message at a Ku Klux Klan meeting. To this day, based on Planned Parenthood’s data, about 40% of the company’s clinics are in neighborhoods where Blacks make up a majority of the population. This, in a country with a Black population of 13%.

A report by the Center for Urban Renewal and Education finds 79% of Planned Parenthood’s “surgical” clinics — those that conduct abortions — are in predominantly nonwhite neighborhoods.

”The difficult truth is that Margaret Sanger’s racist alliances and belief in eugenics have caused irreparable damage to the health and lives of Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, and many others.”

These are not the words of a pro-life activist. That is a direct quote from a Planned Parenthood website. By Planned Parenthood’s admission, this is an institution founded in racism.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood owns its racist past, and despite the fact it terminates disproportionately high numbers of minority children, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives want fewer state regulations on abortion. That’s no surprise, but the opening paragraphs of the bill should cause a collective eye roll. Democrats claim they want this law because they care about minorities.

HR 3755, introduced last week, would force anything-goes abortion on all states. It goes so far as forbidding requirements that only licensed physicians perform abortions.

The bill says abortion restrictions ”perpetuate systems of oppression, lack of bodily autonomy, white supremacy, and anti-Black racism. This violent legacy has manifested in policies including enslavement, rape, and experimentation on Black women; forced sterilizations; medical experimentation on low-income women’s reproductive systems; and the forcible removal of Indigenous children. Access to equitable reproductive health care, including abortion services, has always been deficient in the United States for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) and their families.”

Somehow, laws that restrict abortion cause the “forcible removal” of minority children, medical experimentation on Blacks, and other monstrous outcomes.

Again, regardless of an individual’s position on abortion rights, this bill’s justification language can be seen only as a blatant attempt to turn the truth upside-down. The Negro Project, now known as Planned Parenthood, pushed abortion and sterilization on Black persons experiencing pregnancy. Just ask Planned Parenthood. Access? Whether one believes Planned Parenthood or pro-life activists, minorities absolutely and beyond debate have easier access than whites to the country’s largest abortion chain, which taxpayers subsidize.

Great minds can have reasonable, intelligent, and honest discussions about abortion rights. We can debate whether states or the federal government have the authority to regulate abortion.

We cannot have a reasonable disagreement about the role abortion has played in reducing the population of minorities. The facts, as acknowledged by Planned Parenthood, speak for themselves. Those facts scream “don’t play the race card” to advance abortion rights. The truth eventually prevails, meaning this deception stands only to backfire.

The Gazette Editorial Board