What's left of the Pioneer Monument still stands at the corner of Broadway and Colfax surrounded by a short fence and warning signs. 

Sad day in Denver history

As a native of Denver, my grandparents would take my brother and I to City Park every weekend. This would date back to the late 1950s. We would visit the Kit Carson Statue, feed the ducks at Duck Lake, ride the train and visit Cookie the Elephant in the Elephant House. What a great place to visit.

I learned who Kit Carson really was. A great frontiersman, scout and Indian fighter. Kit just did what was necessary to settle the Colorado Territory and make if safe for the settlers. Carson was a very important figure in Colorado history. In the woker mind, removing the Kit Carson statue means the history doesn’t exist! This is what happened in the Middle East when the Taliban was traveling around destroying Christan history. I for one will pass along the true history of Colorado to anyone that will listen. City Park used to be a safe place anytime day or night. Now the thugs own it at night. Isn’t it great living in Denver with the highest automobile thefts the most bank robberies, highest inflation 14.9%, high homeless population, high drug overdose numbers, high automobile deaths, high taxes with more coming, high rent, the most liberal abortion laws in the country. In just one year Denver has gone from the 14th most desirable place to live to No. 55. I suppose it can get a lot worse.

As a native of Denver, I have had to watch the liberal politics tear the city down and wreck it. When are the taxpayers of Denver going to stand up, recognize the liberal failures of the last 10 years and vote in some commonsense people to run the city?

Trig Travis


Examples of convenience

Convenience is a thing Eric Sondermann uses to erratic effect in “25 things to do with TABOR refund, errr Colorado Cash rebate,” The Colorado Springs Gazette, Aug. 10.

Convenient to write “these checks would go out the following April,” and that Polis and the Democrats “do not even refer to all of this as TABOR refunds.”

What’s so wrong with these checks going out early; does he think people don’t need the checks, a concept he can’t even be bothered to mention? By pointing out his mostly inane reasons for how to use the refund, Sondermann comes close to demonstrating contempt for those who genuinely need it.

Regarding terming it something else, that “Polis, et al., do not even refer to all of this as TABOR refunds,” he acknowledges that “Polis is a skilled politician.” Well, obviously he is using his skill. Does Sondermann think if the Republicans were in power they would have done it differently?

The overarching example of convenience by Sondermann, and one of the letter writers; their praises of TABOR author Doug Bruce. Both very conveniently neglect to state that Bruce is a convicted felon.

Ken Valero



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