Image: National Parks Service, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Image: National Parks Service, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thanks to big recent snow, coverage is finally looking good in Rocky Mountain National Park's Hidden Valley area – the only place where sledding is allowed at the park.

A former ski hill, visitors can find the Hidden Valley sledding area located off of Trail Ridge Road, below (and to the west) of the “Many Parks Curve.”

The sledding area is open to sledders each year after snowpack is deep enough to prevent damage of plants on the hill. Typically, this means sledding season lasts from the first winter storms of the year through when warmer temperatures arrive in April.

There’s a nearby warming hut that’s open on weekends, as well as heated restrooms that are open the rest of the season.

Sledders should arrive with their own equipment, though most of this equipment can be purchased or rented in town.

Be careful to stay within the boundaries of the sledding area while sledding. Old ski runs and other trails are present in the area, though sledding there is restricted due to dangerous hazards.

A few other things to note about this experience: no tows are provided, no sleds with metal runners are allowed, and winter weather can always be a concern.

An entry fee is required to access this area. While a reservation system is in place during summer months, this is not the case during winter.