Digital painting Photo Credit: Filograph (iStock).

Photo Credit: Filograph (iStock).

The wilderness can be a scary place when things start going wrong, especially when someone in a group seems to vanish in thin air. Most of the time, people are found alive and well, but other times, that's not the case.

YouTuber MrBallen highlights three mysterious Colorado cases that are somewhat unexplained in a viral video that's since gotten close to four million views. He starts with a case that took place in Pike National Forest before moving to a man that disappeared and was later found deceased near Vail. The third and final story covers a case of a boy that went missing and was later found dead near Allenspark.

Watch the video below and find more stories like this by checking out the Missing 411 book series from David Paulides.

What do you think happened in these cases? Let us know in the comment section.

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