Scenic view of Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo, Colorado. Photo Credit: Faina Gurevich (iStock).

Scenic view of Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo, Colorado. Photo Credit: Faina Gurevich (iStock).

If you've spent much time in Colorado, you've probably heard of a place called Pueblo. This city of 112,000 is found about 45 minutes south of Colorado Springs, often also found at the butt of jokes for reasons lost to time. Despite what you may have heard, there's plenty to do in Pueblo and it's actually a pretty awesome place to visit.

Here are a few great attractions you'll find in 'Steel City':

1. Lake Pueblo State Park

With 60 miles of shoreline, two full-service marinas, and numerous trails, Lake Pueblo State Park is one of the best water-based destinations in central Colorado. There's a reason people flock to this destination on hot summer days, and you should, too.

2. The Pueblo Riverwalk

Not only is the Pueblo Riverwalk home to numerous shopping and dining destinations that are worth checking out, it's also got a 25-minute guided history cruise that travels along the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk channel. Plus, there's plenty of grassy lawn space, making it perfect to visit during a live event.

3. Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

One of the top-rated destinations in Pueblo according to Google Reviews (4.9 stars, 539 reviews), the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum is a place aviation aficionados are sure to love. Exhibits feature civilian aircraft, military aircraft, missiles, ground vehicles, and more. Find this massive collection housed in two hangers, with dozens of aircraft and artifacts on display.

4. The Rosemount Museum

Find this historic mansion-turned-museum at a high point in north Pueblo. The massive 24,000-square-foot Rosemount Museum is home to 37 rooms, with construction on the structure starting in 1891. Aside from many expected antiques, find the Andrew McClelland exhibit on the third floor, which houses artifacts he collected during his travels around the world, including an Egyptian mummy.

5. The Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center

The Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center is a two-for-one feature on this list – there's the River Campus, which is home to a raptor education and rehabilitation center, and there's the Mountain Park Campus, which is home to a 611-acre mountain park. Both destinations are great spots to learn about the local ecosystems. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy a stop by either or both.

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