Hiker With Mobile Phone And Backpack File photo. Photo Credit: mahiruysal (iStock).

File photo. Photo Credit: mahiruysal (iStock).

When it comes to safety and survival gear, redundancy can be important. For example, if one water purifier fails, a back-up might work. Or if one layer of clothing gets soaked, having a spare can help ward off hypothermia. The same importance of redundancy is present when it comes to communication.

Staying in touch and being able to call for help if needed can be a major factor in expediting an emergency response in Colorado. This starts before the trailhead is even reached – with communication with someone back home in regard to where you're headed and when you'll be back – and continues throughout the outdoor recreation experience, as you should always aim to stay connected in some way.

This can be done via multiple methods. Utilizing a satellite communication device with a long battery life is the safest bet, though making sure a charged phone is available is a good practice, too. Not only does this offer a second means of communication as long as connection is available, it can also provide a means of more in-depth communication compared to what most satellite devices can provide (voice calls compared to a simple text-based message).

When it comes to using a phone in backcountry, the issue of lack of service is perhaps matched by a short battery life of the device. Thankfully, there's a simple fix to the latter issue.

I recently stumbled on the 'ChargeTab' pre-charged portable charger, which works with a wide-range of devices, offering an emergency charge without having to bring along a bulky battery brick.

Use of the charger is simple – open the packaging, plug it in to the device, and let the charging begin.

Lightweight and easy to pack, bringing this along could allow you to extend the usefulness of a cellular device without adding much weight or taking up much space.

It's also worth noting that the ChargeTab model is just one of many brands offering a similar product on Amazon, meaning there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to device compatibility and battery size. Read through the specifications and reviews and find the best fit for you to increase the chance that your cell phone is there for you when you need it most.

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