Strawberry Hot Springs. Visit this destination after-dark for an 'adults-only' and clothing-optional hot spring experience. Photo Credit: Chancey Bush, The Gazette.

Strawberry Hot Springs. Visit this destination after-dark for an 'adults-only' and clothing-optional hot spring experience. Photo Credit: Chancey Bush, The Gazette.

While most of Colorado's hot springs are geared toward being family-friendly, many offer 'adults-only' experiences, whether that comes in the form of certain clothing-optional hours or exclusive underground thermal caves.

Here's a look at a few hot springs around the state where rest and relaxation – for adults – is the goal:

1. Strawberry Hot Springs

Providing one of the best hot spring experiences in the state of Colorado, Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs delivers big when it comes to finding a natural and relaxing place to soak. During the day, all ages are allowed to visit this pool, but this changes once the sun sets. After dark, no one under 18 is allowed and clothing becomes optional. Reservations are now required.

2. Sand Dunes Recreation

Find this hot spring destination miles from Great Sand Dunes National Park. While much of the site is family-friendly, 'The Greenhouse' isn't. Here, visitors will find an adults-only atmosphere that's 21-plus, complete with 10,000 square feet of plants, four pools, a dry sauna, patio space, and a bar. Tack $5 on to the $15 admission fee to enter this exclusive space.

3. Ouray Hot Springs

Another hot spring known for featuring both family-friendly and adults-only options, find Ouray Hot Springs in the heart of the 'Switzerland of America.' When it comes to adults-only at this extremely scenic destination, head straight to 'The Overlook' area, which is 18 and up and features two pools divided by an 'infinity edge' waterfall with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. This experience is hard to beat.

4. SunWater Spa

Located just outside of Colorado Springs, in Manitou Springs, SunWater Spa isn't technically 'adults-only,' but the entire spa area is considered a 'whisper zone,' with only 14 and up allowed (18-plus in the sauna area). A soak in one of the tubs here is sure to provide a relaxing experience and it's not too far from a major city, compared to many of the hot spring experiences found around the state.

5. Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Another spot that's not technically 'adults-only,' but does offer an experience that caters to adults is Mount Princeton Hot Springs. While all ages are allowed in the historic bath house, that's not the case for the Spa and Club area. This part of the resort is reserved for use by those 16-plus, including access to pools, a sauna, and steam rooms, along with other amenities.

6. Indian Hot Springs

The adults-only experience at Indian Hot Springs is found deep in the on-site geothermal caves, which features gender-specific zones and a 'bathing suits optional' policy. Said to be created in the early 1900s, this designated quiet zone for 18-plus is designed to help visitors relax and reflect as they explore the nooks and crannies of surrounding cave walls.

Know another hot spring that offers an 'adults-only' experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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