UFO Image: Maximov Alexey (iStock).

Image: Maximov Alexey (iStock).

In case you missed it, the US government recently announced that they've received over 350 new reports of "unidentified aerial phenomenon," also known as UFOs, 247 of which have occurred since March 5, 2021. While tracking down exactly where those UFO incidents took place has proven difficult, the search for more information led to the National UFO Reporting Center database. This database revealed that 113 UFO sightings were reported in Colorado in 2022, alone.

Here's a look at a few of the most notable sightings reported on this specific database. Whether or not any of these ended up in the official government log is unknown:

10/27; 7:20 PM; Cortez: A person reports spotting an enormous light "the size of the moon" that was present for 30-60 seconds and in the shape of a cylinder. Photo included in report.

10/3; 8:00 PM; Colorado Springs: A person and another witness report that three bright lights in the shape of a triangle flew by overhead while enjoying a night in their hot tub.

12/17; 6:05 PM; Sterling: A long illuminated craft shaped like a cigar appeared for 15 to 25 seconds before fading away.

11/8; 9:45 PM; Colorado Springs: People were taking photos of the lunar corona of the full moon. Upon later inspection of the photographs, oval-shaped UFOs were spotted in the pictures. Photos included in report.

8/8; 5:49 PM; Firestone: A person reports spotting two large white spaceships coming together before vanishing, with another spaceship then spotted above them.

7/22; 9:54 PM; Silverthorne: A cigar-shaped lighted object observed moving over the course of a minute. Photos included in report.

7/14; 2:30 AM; Moffat: A shape described as a 'golden geometrical cube' was reportedly spotted rotating in the sky for more than an hour.

6/13; 12:15 AM; Aurora: A grouping of four to five lights were reportedly seen in the shape of a rectangle. The sighting appeared for a reported 10 to 15 seconds.

5/15; 9:25 PM; Carbondale: A cigar-shaped object was reportedly spotted and photographed while a person was observing the lunar eclipse. Images attached to report.

2/27; 1:53 AM; Durango: Some sort of light-based aircraft reportedly passed a car on the road. Map attached to report.

1/17; 5:59 AM; Walsenburg: A circle-shaped object was spotted early in the morning, visible for an estimated 45 minutes. Photos attached to report.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there's a simple explanation behind any of these UFO sightings? Let us know in the comments.

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