Colorado Photo Credit: omersukrugoksu (iStock).

Photo Credit: omersukrugoksu (iStock).

While many across Colorado seem to operate under the mantra "live where you want to vacation," a new ranking published by WalletHub indicates that quality 'staycations' in the Centennial State's major cities aren't quite that great compared to other places around America. Looking at data that included 46 factors, such as local entertainment options, parks per capita, cost to dine out, and more, 182 cities across the country were ranked based on their 'staycation' favorability.

The highest ranked spot in Colorado was Denver, ranking in less-than-impressive 32nd place. Colorado Springs, which has been given many nods over the years as a top vacation spot, ranked a measly 138th, brought down by a very low 'rest & relaxation' score, which included factors like spas per capita, cost of a massage, and public beaches per capita.

That being said, the 138th place ranking of Colorado Springs doesn't seem all that bad when compared to the 178th place ranking of Aurora, Colorado. Aurora ranked low across the board in 'recreation' (108th), 'food and entertainment' (126th), and rest and relaxation' (180th) categories.

Aurora, Colorado is located just east of Denver. It's the third largest city in the state with an estimated population of 369,000

The worst-ranked 'staycation' city in the country was Fremont, California and the best-ranked 'staycation' city was Honolulu, Hawaii.

Where you would want to have a 'staycation' at in Colorado? Let us know in the comments.


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