Photo Courtesy: Aramark Sports and Entertainment

Photo Courtesy: Aramark Sports and Entertainment

According to a news release from the food, beverage, and retail provider at Coors Field, Aramark Sports and Entertainment, customers will soon be able to utilize Amazon One palm-scanning technology to buy alcohol at the venue.

Amazon One is a free service where users can use the palm of their hand to access a digital wallet that stores credit/debit card and ID information. 

The use of Amazon One has already rolled out at several stores in the United States including Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market. 

According to the release, users will be able to to prove their age at Coors Field by simply hovering their hand over an Amazon One device.

“At Coors Field, we pride ourselves in putting the customer experience first. As the first sports stadium to enable cutting-edge palm recognition technology like Amazon One for age verification, we are enabling a friction-free experience for Colorado Rockies fans so they can grab a drink and get back to the game faster,” said John McKay, Senior Director of Food Service Operations and Development for the Colorado Rockies in the news release. 

“Hearing from Amazon One customers across the country, we understand that they love the convenience it delivers: shorter wait times, quicker access, being able to link their loyalty memberships, and now an easy way to grab their beer.”

Coors Field visitors are able enroll in Amazon One for free by either signing up online, or at one of the Amazon One enrollment kiosks at either the SandLot Brewery or Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar in Coors Field. 

“Our team continually innovates to improve the customer experience, and age verification is the latest way we’re solving a customer pain point,” said Dilip Kumar, Vice President of AWS Applications in the release. “Fans no longer need to fumble for their wallet and ID. Instead, they can quickly confirm their age and make their purchase with just a hover of their palm. At Coors Field, this will help fans get back to the game faster, and we look forward to rolling this feature out to additional establishments in the coming months.”

For more information, visit the Amazon One website. 

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