Image: CPW (screenshot from video)

Image: CPW (screenshot from video)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a video today that outdoorsy Colorado folk are sure to find amusing.

According to their staff in Grand Junction, commotion was heard inside their office, which led the team to look for its source.

They ended up finding a raccoon that they believe entered the building in order to stay warm and dry.

Thankfully, Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff are the perfect people to handle capturing and releasing a wild animal.

Footage from the scene captures someone with a CPW patch use a loop on the end of a pole to pull the feisty raccoon out of its spot, ultimately leading it back outside and letting it go. The raccoon runs off after release, appearing to be unharmed by the ordeal.

If you happen to find a wild animal in your house or work space, contact the local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office to determine how to proceed and never approach the animal or attempt to remove it yourself.

Watch the clip of the capture below:

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