Moths flying around light bulbs Photo Credit: NeagoneFo (iStock).

Photo Credit: NeagoneFo (iStock).

Miller moths become a nuisance for many in Colorado each year, as they swarm civilized areas in search of water and sustenance. While many people opt to simply kill the bugs when they're found inside a living space, doing this can leave a mess behind and can negate the important roles of the Miller moth population in the local ecosystem – a pollinator and a great source of protein for birds and bats.

Considering that these Miller moths are harmless to humans, there's a better solution – play this game instead.

The rules of the Miller moth game are simple:

Each member of the household has their own piece of paper and a plastic cup in a designated spot.

Once a Miller moth is spotted, members of the household should race to their cup, competing against each other as they use their cup to trap the moth. Once the moth is stuck inside of the cup, slide the paper between the cup and the surface it's on – typically a wall.

At that point, the moth is trapped inside of the cup and the cup can be moved without the moth escaping. Successfully delivering the moth to the outside world while still alive earns one point for its captor.

Keep a tally of which household members capture the most moths and set up a reward system – maybe the top scorer each day gets to pick the movie that night or perhaps the main dish of the next family meal.

This turns a nuisance into a fun game that will have household members racing around trying to earn the top score while also keeping the home moth-free.

Note: Don't go blaming me when you break glass or other items while trying to capture these moths. For best results, let the moth land on a solid, flat surface, such as a table or a wall before going in for the snag.

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