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Former Team USA snowboarder Trevor Jacobs was recently involved in a plane crash in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains that has people asking plenty of questions.

After uploading footage of the crash, Jacob has become the focus of an online controversy with some viewers speculating that the video was staged for views. 

The video shows Jacob's airplane begin to have some sort of engine failure. Moments later, Jacob—who is already wearing a parachute—makes the decision to evacuate.  

"It was the most intense experience of my life. I did not think I would make it out alive. I promised myself I’d always fly that route with a parachute after a friend died on the same flight path, and it came in handy," Jacob said in a Instagram post on December 23. 

The unmanned plane later crashed into a mountain side. 

Instagram user @enbm_spotting made this comment on Jacob's post, raising some of the common arguments of people who are accusing him of crashing on purpose: 

"1. You did not troubleshoot the power loss.

2. You had all the cameras angled to not show any of the perfect landing sites underneath the plane when you bailed.

3. You were wearing a skydiving parachute and altimeter.

4. You bailed instead of landing at any of the landing sites, all of which you had more than enough altitude to glide into.

5. You made sure to grab a selfiestick before bailing.

6. You intentionally landed close to the aircraft to retrieve the GoPros.

This is all pure BS. Go find cheaper and better things to intentionally destroy than a vintage T-craft." 

Jacobs has not yet made a response to these claims.

He was on the flight for the purpose of spreading his late friend Johnny Strange's ashes. Strange was known for being the youngest person to climb the world's 'seven summits' (at the time he climbed them at 17. This record is now held by someone that summited all seven peaks by 15 years, five months, and 12 days). Strange died in a BASE jumping accident in 2015 with Jacobs attracting controversy by making a video related to that tragic accident.

Watch the full video of Jacob's accident below: 

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