Cody Ling takes a practice lap on January 7. Photo Credit: Timothy Hurst, The Gazette.

Cody Ling takes a practice lap on January 7. Photo Credit: Timothy Hurst, The Gazette.

Sunday Fun Day is back at Georgetown Lake, offering Coloradans a chance to 'race' their vehicle across the ice.

In case you haven't heard, there's a group called Our Gang that hosts weekend races on the frozen surface of Georgetown Lake during a couple months of the year. While Saturday's are reserved for competitive heats, 'Sunday Fun Day' events invite a wider range of talent to the picturesque mountain town scene.

For an entry fee of $59.99 per vehicle (with four drivers per vehicle allowed), those lucky enough to register in time can take practice laps on the lake, provided their vehicle meets participation requirements.

And the requirements aren't that intense – vehicles participating in Sunday Funday events must be licensed, registered, and insured for use on public roads, also equipped with street-legal factory-produced and DOT-approved tires. Given that ice racing is considered a form of off-road racing, vehicles need to be all-wheel drive or four-wheel-drive and should have at least six inches of clearance to help handle the wild and unpredictable terrain. Vehicles must also pass a tech/safety check and need to be in "good condition" without any fluid leaks, with only licensed drivers allowed.

So in other words – if you've got a vehicle that's capable of thriving in winter conditions in Colorado, you're probably good to go.

It's worth noting that spots are pretty limited, with a maximum of 32 participating vehicles allowed, fewer if ice conditions warrant.

Those participating are allowed to take as many laps as they can in a four-plus hour window, provided it's their turn to take the ice.

Rules and requirements are subject to change, with rules for participation found here. Those looking to participate are told to read this prior to registering, which needs to be done in advance.

Find a full list of events here.

Curious to read more about the ice racing that happens at Georgetown Lake? Check out this piece from Seth Boster and the Colorado Springs Gazette or visit the 'Our Gang' website.

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