Photo Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Did you know that mountain lions can fly? Well, not quite, but they come pretty darn close with the ability to jump nearly 20 feet straight up in the air!

It's not often that you see an airborne big cat, but that's exactly what was captured on this trail camera in Colorado.

“Absolutely terrifying," one Facebook user said in response to the photograph. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) says that these fascinating animals are incredibly strong and fast, running as fast as 45 miles per hour and jumping as high as 19 feet straight up in the air. These cats are also able to jump a span of roughly 45 feet.

Estimates on the number of mountain lions in Colorado land between 3,800 to 4,400 mature mountain lions, not including dependent young. 

"If we encounter a mountain lion, we want to make ourselves look big, strong, and tough," stated Area Wildlife Manager Jason Duetsch. "Something they don't want to mess with, we are not food."

Editor's Note: Stay safe while exploring in mountain lion country. If you encounter a mountain lion, stand your ground and don’t run. Be big, loud, and use anything at your disposal to maintain space between you and the lion. If attacked, fight back.


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