File photo of newborn elk calf with its mother. Photo Credit: mtnmichelle (iStock).

File photo of newborn elk calf with its mother. Photo Credit: mtnmichelle (iStock).

Don't mess with this mama! Nature is always full of surprises, especially when a brave mama elk fights off a dangerous predator in the wild to protect her newborn.

The cow elk delivers a swift kick to the bear after it attacks her newborn nestled under a tree branch. The bear swipes at the calf who can be heard screaming out for its mother's help. Watch the dramatic scene unfold in Flagstaff, Arizona.

WARNING: This video is intense. Viewer discretion is advised.

Elk are one of the largest members of the deer family. Male elk, called bulls, can weigh more than 700 pounds and stand up to five feet tall at the shoulder. A mature female elk can weight anywhere between 500 and 600 pounds. 

Elk protect themselves from predators by herding in large numbers and using their sharp hooves to kick and stomp. Bulls (males) can also use their antlers to defend themselves. 

Editor's Note: Elk may charge to protect their babies. Do not disturb them. Always keep a safe distance away from wildlife that you see on the trail or anywhere else in the wild.  

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