Bull moose standing tall File photo. Photo Credit: John Morrison (iStock).

File photo. Photo Credit: John Morrison (iStock).

A viral video posted to YouTube shows a bull moose peeking inside a garage where a small party is being hosted in Ontario, Canada. It's a very up-close encounter. 

The shocked party guests marvel at the animal as it curiously enters the garage. 

At one point, the man recording reaches out to pet the moose a few times before backing away. 

Although this made for a silly video and a great story, it is uncommon for a moose to approach humans this way. 

It is possible that the moose was suffering from some sort of brain worm or disease that would cause it to act docile in the presence of humans. 

If true, it could also make the animal dangerous and unpredictable. This encounter could have ended very differently. 

Whether you encounter a moose in the wild or in your garage, do not attempt to touch it or get close to the animal. Moose are known for being aggressive toward humans when approached. 

"Moose do not fear humans so it can lead some to think they are friendly - I assure you they are not," said Colorado Parks and Wildlife's District Wildlife Manager Elissa Slezak in a moose safety video

If you see one, observe its behavior and back away slowly. If the animal exhibits aggressive behavior or begins to charge CPW instructs you to "run as fast as you can and try to put a large object between you [and the moose] such as a boulder, car or tree."

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